Duration: 1.3 hours (90mins)

Investment $130

Location: Zoom

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a one on one online consultation and only applicable to the person making the booking.


Step 1. Before the consultation I ask you to consciously observe your skin for at least 1 week prior to our appointment. You will need to relay how your skin feels and looks. Is it oily, is it dry, does it have pigmentation. Have clear skin objectives. What are your concerns, what are the issues you want addressed. The first step in our consultation is getting to know your skin and diagnosing your skin type.

Step 2. Once completed we audit your current routine and go through products you can keep and products that need to go.

Step 3. Skincare consultation

Step 4. Conclude with a customised skincare regime.


Get ready for your mind to be blown away with practical skills that will improve your skin. After our consultation you will have the knowledge to ensure you have a life time of perfect, youthful, hydrated and glowing skin. The best part is you can say goodbye to years of wasting money on expensive lotions and potions. Once you learn what to look for in a skincare range you will never spend another penny on something that won’t react to your skin or collect dust in the bathroom cabinet.

The information you take away will be life changing!!! I will teach you tips you would have never heard of, yet makes so much sense. What I teach is based on science and not some marketing gimmick made up by big skincare companies.



1. How to heal acne, oily or dry skin. We discuss the skin issue applicable to you.

2. Provide you with knowledge on a correct and effective skincare routine.

3. Explain the importance of a day/night cream and the roles they play. What I teach is based on science and may prevent you from costly visits to the dermatologist and may save you thousands of $$$ getting botox in years to come.

4. Explain the best cleansing option best suited for your skin type. I will also explain which cleanses to avoid and the effects of inferior products.

5. Explain the importance of cleansing and why we develop acne and other skin issues including demodex mites.

6. Explain the importance of eye cream including why the skin around our eyes is delicate and ages quickly.

7. Advice on dark pigmentation/age spots if applicable to your skin type.

8. The role sunscreen plays in skincare.

9. The difference between a cosmeceautical and an over the counter product, and the importance of cosmeceauticals.

10. Skincare product recomendation.

11. Product application demonstration.


Q: Will I be required to purchase products after our consultation?

A: No. I will educate you so you can go and purchase your own products.

Please note if you wish to purchase your own skincare range using the skills learnt I can not help you with reaching your skincare goals as they are not products recommended by me. It will be a trial and error approach as the quality of ingredients used in over the counter products do not measure up to Janssen cosmeceauticals.

Q: What happens if I forget something you have mentioned during our consultation is it ok to contact you to check my advice/regime?

A: This is completely fine but please ensure you take notes during our consultation.

Further advice on non Janssen products or other advice outside the consultation agenda will require you to book in a short consultation. I get messages almost weekly asking for complimentry skincare advice. Unfortunately I can not respond to these requests as all responses require me to spend large amounts of my personal time to provide quality and accurate information. As a small business this is not plausible.

Q: Will you be available to answer questions post consultation?

A: Please note post care advice will not be available unless you book into the following:

15min consultation ($30.00)

30min consultation ($45.00)

45min consultation ($65.00)

Q: Will I receive post care advice if I follow The Makeover Rooms product reccomendation and advice?

A: Yes. If you have chosen to follow my product reccomendation using my preferred and proven product range by Janssen Cosmetics you will be given 3 months post product purchase from The Makeover Room to ask me further questions or advice on skincare. I will endeavour to help you with your skin to make sure the products are working with your skin type whilst ensuring suitability and performance. This is a complimentary service I offer all my existing clients who follow my reccomendations using the Janssen range. We go on this skincare journey together.

Q: What is a cosmeceautical?

A: A cosmeceautical is a combination of a cosmetic with pharmaceutical grade ingredients within the product. This is explained in more detail during the consultation. The Janssen range is made in Germany and is a superior product range.


Before and After no.1

(4 weeks post skincare regime)

Before and After no.2

(4-5 weeks post skincare regime)

In the after picture you can see a lot of acne scarring remaining. In my consultation I go through options of how to address these issues.

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