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Dani from The Makeover Room is a skin therapist who resides and operates a beauty business in Derrimut. She is passionate about skin health and loves helping her clients with their skin issues. What she offers is quite unique. The Makeover Room is not just another beauty company. Education is a key element and her philosophy is to educate the client so they understand that it plays a key role when trying to achieve optimum skin health. One element she is completely passionate about is ensuring clients are prescribed the correct skincare along with a personalised detailed skincare plan. Her business concept came through her own personal experience with acne and the endless skincare options she had tried. Finding the right brand suitable for her skin was just the beginning. It was knowing how and when to use the products that really helped her skin improve and recover from severe acne. When people choose to invest their time and resources into The Makeover Room they get results. Her business ethos is to care, consult, plan, provide solutions and achieve results.